MARCH 2010



It's hard to believe the 2010 Zumba Instructor Convention is only five months away. But isn't it nice to know it's coming!! The last convention left so many of us on an unbelievable high. We learned a lot. New rhythms. New teaching methods. New business strategies. But if you were there, you'd know that it was much more than that. For many of us, it was the most amazing experience of our lives. It felt like coming home.

How do you sum up all those moments when we found ourselves lost in the midst of training, in quiet conversation, in full-on party mode, in the awesome realization that we are living our dream — doing what we love for a living and changing people's lives in the process? Whatever we think and however we feel about our fellow Zumba Instructors – good, bad or indifferent – we are one of the most influential group of people in the world. Proud. Smart. Bold. Fearless. Happy. Crazy. Wonderful. We are all these things and more. And we're all these things together, as a community, as the Zumba Family.

That's why just knowing the convention is only five months away gives us a little thrill inside. We know it's coming. And we can't wait to come home.


This motto rings true for friends, for family, for us. What a great reminder. Thank you, Heather!

"Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you."

-Author Unknown (submitted by Heather Grasis on the ZIN Forum)



We see the same faces in our Zumba classes week after week. Yet, week after week, do we know everyone's name?

That's the first and most important step in building a great Zumba student following. But there are many other things we can do to encourage camaraderie and get students hooked on our classes, and create a following.

Here are some ideas to build a loyal student following:

  • Invite one or more students for a juice after class. Make it a weekly ritual (time permitting, of course).
  • Text message, email, or send your students a message through Facebook or Twitter before class to get them motivated (tell them you've got a surprise for them, then deliver one).
  • Text message, email, or send your students a message through Facebook or Twitter after class to tell them how much you enjoyed that particular class.
  • Have a Q&A before or after class. Help students with moves they have questions about. Make them feel comfortable approaching you before or after class. Encourage their development; show them proper form. Show them you care about each one of them.
  • Encourage friendships among your students. If your students are friends with one another, they will continue to come to your classes. Make them introduce themselves to each other, have them compete with each other in groups — what group can lose the most weight collectively, for example. The winners get copies of Z-LIFE magazine.
  • Talk to ZIN Members on the Forum who have built a strong community for tips on what they do.

All in all, we know we're all about community. Just look at the Forum posts. Think about the convention. That's community. And it feels awesome. Now it's your job to bring that feeling to your classes. Then, watch your Zumba community grow.

If you build it, they will come.



Tick, tock, tick, tock. With each passing day, we're one step closer to the biggest, most thrill-packed, adventure-filled Zumba Family reunion of the year — the 2010 Zumba Instructor Convention!

Have you checked out the convention website yet?

If you haven't, click here and check it out. Find out who the keynote speaker is, what exciting courses will be offered, and who this year's presenters are. Get ready for some awesome networking opportunities with some of the most influential people in the industry! Plus, read all about the three educational biggies: Instructor Training Courses, super-intense Specialty Boosts, the worldly, adventurous Flavors (these are always convention favorites) and some great new Training Capsules.

"Flavors" give attendees a chance to experience a new rhythm they can incorporate into their routines. Please note that attending a Flavor means you experienced the essence of this specialized rhythm, but are not technically licensed to teach it as a class. "Training Capsules" are specialized classes that give you all the elements you need to be a well-rounded instructor, such as "The Business of Zumba" class. "Specialty Boosts" are new, highly interactive three-hour sessions designed to improve skills and techniques and create new choreography for specialty programs you're currently licensed to teach. These boosts are expected to sell out quickly, so if you're interested, you know what to do! (P.S. — The Specialty Instructor Training Courses are also expected to sell out rather quickly too.)

While you're on the convention website, add yourself to the Twitter and Facebook accounts – set up exclusively for the convention – so you can get all the latest updates. One last tidbit: The next time you check into the Forum, check out the all-new "Convention" category and get the scoop! There you have it, future convention attendees, read up, then get yourself registered, pronto!

Click here to visit the 2010 Zumba Instructor Convention website.


This just in: Z-LIFE magazine will be hot, hot, hot off the press very soon. The date? April 1. So, do we all know exactly who Z-LIFE is for? (ummm, us?) Yes, it's for us and people just like us — adventurous people who live life on their own terms.

Z-LIFE will explore the Zumba lifestyle, which reaches far beyond Zumba class. The Zumba lifestyle follows the same guiding principle that defines the Zumba fitness philosophy: Make it fun, and the benefits will follow. Unlike most lifestyle magazines that focus on what readers do, Z-LIFE focuses on how we do it.

Zumba lovers make conscious — and sometimes daring – choices about work, play, relationships and personal style that reflect a commitment to living extraordinary lives with meaning, purpose and deep satisfaction. That's what Z-LIFE is all about. Sounds like us in a nutshell, huh?

Oh, one more thing, a little bird told us that Z-LIFE is tweeting at and on Facebook at Don't miss out! Who knows? Some of your news, photo and video posts may end up in Z-LIFE magazine or on (with your permission, of course).


Guess what, an infomercial for Zumba Fitness DVDs can be quite complementary to your Zumba classes. How so, you ask? Well, if you watch any Zumba Fitness infomercial, you'll see they are marketed – very specifically – to people who want to take a step toward fitness, but in the privacy of their own home. The fact is, those budding Zumba students are not ready — yet.

Once these Zumba newbies follow the program at home, and really start getting into it, the natural progression is…yep, you guessed it, a live class! (Don't forget that all DVD boxes include a nice big label that encourages them to try a live class.) That's when they make a "leap of faith" or, in our case, "lunge of faith" to take their next step(s) toward their fitness goals. They go to, look for a nearby class, check out your profile and – ding! – send you an email. Ahh, marketing, it works!

The infomercials are also a great way of reaching thousands of people and getting the word out about the Zumba program. The more people who know about the program, the better. It keeps the buzz going. So, the next time you see a Zumba Fitness infomercial (and the upcoming one might even have you in it!), give it a big "Zumba WOO-HOO!" Because you'll know that new Zumba-students-in-the-making are watching it too.


You did it. You sent in your testimonial for the Zumba Fitness Infomercial Contest, and you haven't heard a peep yet. You're not alone. The jury is still out. The videos are being reviewed. And the winners will be announced in the next newsletter. So, stay tuned, you may see yourself on TV soon enough!



Okay, ZIN creatives, get out your palette or pen: We've got designs on your design or slogan or both! That's right, whose finely sketched drawing, artistically splashed colors, computer-generated handiwork and/or creative writing skills will earn them the title of "Zumba Convention T-Shirt Artist of 2010"?

It could be you.

Here's the deal: Think of your most innovative design and/or slogan idea for the upcoming Zumba Convention. Anything goes. Just you and your Dali-esque visions (uh, well, maybe that's taking it a bit too far), or maybe just a catchy little buzz phrase. You get the gist. Then, sit your butt down, draft it out, edit it, crumple it up, start over until you love it, and then send it to us. The über-talented Zumbawear team will take it from there. If yours is the winning entry, your work will not only be featured at this year's convention, but you'll also receive a $250 Zumbawear gift certificate.

So once you've decided on your concept, you can print or draw the design and/or slogan on an 8 ½" x 11" piece of paper and simply mail it to the Home Office at:
Zumba Fitness, LLC
3801 N. 29th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33020
Attn: Marketing Department.
Just remember, entries will not be returned (sorry!).

Be sure to include the following information in your envelope:

  • Your name ("Entrant")
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address

All entries must be postmarked by April 15, 2010 (easy deadline to remember, eh?). The winner will be announced in the May newsletter.

Okay, the clock is ticking. Start dreaming up your Zumba designs. And in a few months, one of your dreams might be a reality at this year's convention!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: "Entrant" must be one name only and "Entrant" must be a ZIN Member. Limit one entry per ZIN Member. Once Zumba Fitness receives this mailed entry, your mailed entry will be deemed your "Entry." By submitting an Entry, the Entrant: 1) irrevocably grants Zumba Fitness, LLC the exclusive royalty-free right to use, re-use, copy, publish, republish in whole or in part, edit, add to, modify, and rearrange the Entry including without limitation edit, rearrange, and/or copy the Entry for use in the promotion of Zumba Fitness, LLC products and services without further permission, consideration or payment to the Entrant; 2) warrants and represents that Entry is 100% original creation/work by Entrant and that use of the Entry is described herein will not violate any law or infringe upon the rights, title, claim or interest of any third party; and 3) certifies that Entrant is the creator and sole copyright owner of Entry and has obtained the appropriate consents of all identifiable persons shown in the submitted Entry.


Leave it to ZIN Members to be there when you need us most. Over 40 plus ZIN Members rose to the occasion and hosted their own Zumbathon® fitness-parties for Augie's Quest in January and February. It was all part of a concerted effort to raise money for Augie's Quest, MDA's research and fundraising initiative focused on finding a cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease), a progressive and devastating disease that destroys the nerve cells controlling muscles, ultimately causing complete paralysis. Zumba Fitness would like to acknowledge Pat Laus, a Founding Member of IHRSA, The Atlantic Athletic Club and the inspiration behind "The Clubs for the Cure" for Augie's Quest. It was her idea to reach out to the Zumba Community to join Augie's Army.

The fundraising efforts of those 40 plus members joined the big March 11 fundraiser — the Zumbathon® event for Augie's Quest hosted by Beto. Over 800 Zumba fans participated in that event, which took place at IHRSA 2010, the 29th Annual International Convention & Trade Show in San Diego, CA. For more information on the event, click here.

Of the 40 plus members who hosted their own Zumbathon® fitness-party, one member raised an astounding amount of money. ZIN Member Gina Blunt from The Morehead Zumba Group at Morehead State University, Kentucky raised $2,113 for Augie's Quest! For her efforts, Gina Blunt received a free night hotel stay during the IHRSA convention and a ticket to the Zumbathon® event with Beto, all donated by the Home Office. Kudos to Gina and the Morehead Zumba Group for their extraordinary efforts!

A note from Augie:

When the world responds for the cry for help, we are reminded of that goodness of mankind! It has been almost 5 years since my diagnoses. 90% of the people who were told that they had ALS die in 3 to 5 years. The fact that I am still around is a testimony to the advancements we have pioneered at the MDA. I'm humbled by the leadership of you Petra and the Zumba World for taking up my Quest to find a cure for ALS!

Thank you so much for enthusiastically gathering together for my Quest! I used to be like Beto, the guy that was supposed to make everybody fit and now I cannot walk, talk and am struggling to breathe. I am so glad that my new Zumba Family is here to move and dance for me! Thank you for joining me in this fight and for being part of the Cure!

Love, Augie

A big congratulations and, most of all, a sincere thank-you goes out to all the ZIN Members who hosted their own Zumbathon fitness-party for Augie's Quest. Proceeds from all Zumbathon events exceeded $30,000. All proceeds will directly benefit MDA's Augie's Quest.

Here are some of the ZIN Members who participated in and raised money for this worthy cause:

  • Judi Swartz — NY
  • Heather Trommer-Beardslee — NY
  • Kristen Bennet — NY
  • Jayme Green — NY
  • Melanie Strawn — NY
  • Deidre Goodrich — WI
  • The "Wisconsin Zumba Group" — WI
  • Lori Snyder — WA
  • Basic American Foods — CA
  • Cammie Gorman — NJ
  • Gladys Schweigert — NJ
  • Caitlyn Redman — NJ
  • Diana Geddes — KY
  • Robin Nagel — KY
  • Tara Linney — KY
  • Patty Carlisle — KY
  • Jaime Rice — KY
  • Jennifer Redmon — KY
  • Susan Arnold — KY
  • Sherry Goddard — KY
  • Cheryl Price — TX
  • Lanessa Harlan — TX
  • Susan Cooper — TX
  • Debbie Garcia — TX
  • Donna Webb — NC
  • Ruthie Oggins — NC
  • Mary Lovett — MA
  • David Topel — PA
  • Katie Williams — SC
  • Dara Patrusky — PA
  • Julie Francis — NY
  • Angela Medina — CA
  • Jessica Mullins — OH
  • Elisabeth Sexton — OH
  • Raynham Athletic Club — MA
  • Michael Danchack — PA
  • Jane Leyens — LA
  • Miladys Shor — NJ
  • Rhoda Vancas — VA


We're proud of ZIN Members who love living the Zumba life. They go out of their way to represent the Zumba program professionally, accurately and with that special Zumba brand of passion. So here's a big ZUMBA SHOUT-OUT to members whose words and deeds shine a light on the Zumba program and the world around them. Look for more ZUMBA SHOUT-OUTS in the next newsletter!

California ZIN Members Dale Schrichten, Mary Gutierrez, Arlene Williams are the perfect examples of working together in a Zumba community. Each instructor is successful with plenty of students to fill up their rooms. Just goes to show you, there's a lot of love both for the Zumba program and in the Zumba community. See their shared story here.

ZIN Member Ruth Robertson from Eden, North Carolina believes anyone can participate in a Zumba class, encourages people to give it a try, and tailors the classes to meet their needs. An 80-year-old student who comes to Ruth's Zumba class regularly said she can't remember the last time exercise was this much fun. Keep promoting good health, Ruth! Read more about Ruth's class here.


  • So…do you like the song "Tigre" on ZIN 25? Because one of our very own ZIN Members – Melissa Plumer – wrote some of the lyrics used in the song. She wrote the lyrics as part of the Zumba Fitness Original Lyrics Music Contest a while back and, consequently, won the contest! Now, finally, her work can be heard all over the world as ZIN Members jam to "Tigre." Crank it! Here are her winning lyrics: "Can't you hear that party beat? Come on, jump up, and move your feet! Now swing your hips and take a chance, you gotta shake with this Zumba dance!" Congratulations Melissa!
  • Speaking of lyrics, did you know that the lyrics on each and every ZIN volume are "clean"? That's right, these songs are listened to forward and backwards (well, not backwards, actually), but you get the point. Please be assured that all the lyrics are reviewed. Zumba Fitness respects all cultures, languages, religions and world views and does its best to accommodate ZIN Members with resources we can use proudly. Although there are some cultural variations and some interpretations that may vary, all ZIN song lyrics are carefully assessed, which includes the literal and cultural meaning of each song. However, if you teach at a religious or family-oriented facility, please use extra care with song selection and be aware of any sensitivities. If you are still unsure, simply ask your fellow ZIN Members on the Forum. You might even get some on-the-spot song translations!
  • Have you checked out lately? The video created by the winners of the Ultimate Video Challenge (aka "Make Your Own Zumba Fitness Commercial") is posted on the website for all to see! Great job, Diosa, Teresa and Iryana! Just click on the button that says, "What is the Zumba Afterglow?" Or, click here.


In January, Zumba Fitness, LLC announced a big win for both the company and our Zumba Family in Benelux. Zumba Fitness, LLC settled a lawsuit against a Dutch record label that was manufacturing and selling ZUMBAMANIA CDs. Below is an excerpt from the press release:

"Zumba, represented by its Dutch counsel, Tjeerd Overdijk, of Vondst Advocaten, filed the trademark infringement suit after discovering Zumbamania albums being marketed in retail stores and on the Internet."

"We are pleased with the resolution of this dispute as it helps remove unauthorized products from the market," said Zumba's Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs, Adele Harrington. "The Zumba brand is familiar to consumers worldwide, and Zumba is dedicated to vigorously defending it. It is our mission to make Zumba Instructors successful, and safeguarding the brand is a critical objective to that end."

In addition, Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba Fitness, LLC, stated in the press release: "The Netherlands has been an exceptional market for us. Our motto, 'Ditch the Workout — Join the Party,' resonates with the spirit and energy of the Dutch people and they have really embraced this approach to having fun while getting fit."

This lawsuit settlement sends a strong message to all entities considering infringing upon Zumba Fitness' trademark rights. The message is clear: The law is on our side.

Note: If you have any brand misuse issues to report, please go to ZIN Home, click "Contact Home Office," select the legal compliance topic, and send the office an email. Remember that all reports are completely anonymous.



More cool Zumba happenings continue to take place all over the globe. Here's an update:


  • In April, the Zumba Academy makes a three-day stop in the Netherlands, offering one Master Class with Beto and a variety of Instructor Training Courses. The Master Class and all training courses will be held at the Amstelhof Health Club in Amsterdam. Here's the schedule:

Friday, April 16:
Master Class with Beto and European ZESs. Click here to register.

Saturday, April 17:
Zumba Basic Steps Level 1 Instructor Training with Beto and Jaime Farfan (2-day training). Click here to register.
Zumba Basic Steps Level 2 Instructor Training with Lars Wensink. Click here to register.
Zumba Toning Instructor Training with Marlon Connor. Click here to register.

Sunday, April 18:
Aqua Zumba Instructor Training with Jaromir Cremers. Click here to register.
Zumbatomic Instructor Training with Lars Wensink. Click here to register.


  • The Zumba program was profiled in L'Express in January 2010. Click here to check it out.


  • The Zumba Fitness infomercial launched throughout France and Italy in March.


  • Gina Grant and Tere Stone will represent Zumba Fitness at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, April 30-May 2. For details, visit
  • The first Zumbatomic Instructor Training will be offered in Sydney on May 3. Click here to register.


  • A first in Finland! Master Class with Beto in Tampere on April 10. Click here to register.

To learn more about upcoming Instructor Training workshops throughout the world, log in to ZIN Home at



Here's one for the entrepreneurial types among us: The new ZIN Zumbawear wholesale line will be officially released later this month. You know what that means, log in and stock up!

There are some great looks that will definitely please your customers, both new and old. Check out the three new cargo pants in black, gray and pink (that's hot) and the four new racer-back tanks raspberry rose, blue atoll, black and steel gray. Everything is designed for mixing and matching, so you're sure to have an easy time selling multiple items.

Business-minded ZIN Members know they've got the right stuff when it comes to selling Zumbawear apparel. Now they've got even more of it to choose from.

Be on the lookout for the exact release date, so you can log in to ZIN Home and click "ZIN ZumbawearTM Wholesale Program" to see what's new.


What will they think of next? Ohhh, this one's gonna be good.

Click here for a preview.


There is so much excitement in the air it's easy to get carried away, no? Well, luckily, we now have the "2010 Zumba Instructor Convention" category on the Forum, which means we can talk "convention" 'til …well, the convention. This category hasn't been up long, but I've already found out about some pretty cool card games that will be happening at the convention. I'm definitely bringing my lucky deck of cards for a couple of games of Spades, although I am more of a Texas Hold 'Em girl. So, it already seems that this year's convention promises to be even better than last year's (card games and all)…but really, were there any doubts? 'Til next time…


To register, go to ZIN Home and click on the Instructor Training page.
*unless otherwise noted

Master Class with Tanya Beardsley at ECA/NYC 2010 OBOW Show.
Tickets will be available on site.
March 20 — New York, New York

Zumba® Toning Instructor Training with Melanie Guzman
March 20 — St. Louis, Missouri
April 10 — Kaysville, Utah
April 18 — Denver, Colorado
April 24 — Phoenix, Arizona

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Marcie Gill
March 20 — Southfield, Michigan

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Marta Formoso
March 20 — Boeblingen, Germany

Aqua ZumbaTM Instructor Training with Tony Witt
March 21 — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Aqua ZumbaTM Instructor Training with Maria Browning
March 21 — Danville, Kentucky
April 11 — City of Industry, California

Aqua ZumbaTM Instructor Training with Kelly Bullard
March 21 — Southfield, Michigan
April 17 — South Bend, Indiana
May 9 — Madison, Wisconsin

Zumba® Toning Instructor Training with Jani Roberts
March 27 — Carlsbad, California
April 18 — Tigard, Oregon

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Ali Pellito Ramirez
March 27 — Grayson, Georgia
April 11 — Council Bluffs, Iowa
April 25 — Bethel, Connecticut

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Andrea Hamilton
March 27 — Ottawa, ON, Canada
May 9 — Vernon, BC, Canada

Zumba® Toning Instructor Training with Priscilla Mirabal
March 28 — Austin, Texas
April 11 — Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Zumba® Toning Instructor Training with Barbara Klontz
March 28 — Carbondale, Illinois
April 25 — Garden City, Michigan

Aqua ZumbaTM Instructor Training with Eddy Fajardo
March 28 — Scotch Plains, New Jersey
May 2 — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Master Class with Beto. For tickets and more information, visit
April 10 — Tampere, Finland

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Gina Grant
April 10 — Houston, Texas

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Loretta Bates
April 10 — Sandy, Utah
April 18 — Austin, Texas

Master Class with Beto and European ZESs. For tickets and more information, visit
April 17 — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Lars Wensink
April 18 — Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 8 — Stein, Netherlands

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Donna Giffen
April 18 — Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Join Beto and Zumba Fitness at FIBO 2010, the Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness & Health. For more information, visit
April 22-25 — Essen, Germany

Aqua ZumbaTM Instructor Training (at IAFC 2010 Convention/Aquatic Exercise Association)
April 24 — Orlando, Florida

Join Gina Grant, Tere Stone and Zumba Fitness at the Australian Fitness & Health Expo. For details, visit
April 30-May 2 — Sydney, Australia

Zumbatomic® Instructor Training with Gina Grant
May 3 — Sydney, Australia

Zumba® Toning Instructor Training with Kelly Bullard
May 8 — Madison, Wisconsin

For a full view of upcoming Instructor Training Courses, go to ZIN Home and log in for your discounts.